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  What does your home taste like?


Recounting stories about tastes that remind us of home, wherever that might be, reveals not only where we belong to, but also helps us find new ways to connect to each other.

A bite, a sip, a smell in the air – who would not know the sudden sensation of a certain taste evoking a unique feeling? With the next bite memories come alive, reminding us of a familiar place, a known face, an intimate atmosphere, leading us to an inner space where we came from, we are rooted in.

What does home mean to us, where is it and which taste reminds us of it?

These are the questions Taste of Home is raising since the project exists. In the beginning, seven people shared their experiences about tastes that reminded them of home with us. Their stories are the foundation of the Taste of Home collection, which has constantly been growing ever since.

Taste of Home is an invitation to answer these questions together in an exchange about food, belonging and memories.


  How it all began  


Anna and Angéla were fascinated by the power of taste to evoke memories at the same time but in different cities and without knowing each other. Fate brought them together to join forces to create the Taste of Home project.

Taste of Home started as Anna's diploma project in cooperation with Angéla at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In the first round we asked seven Viennese with refugee background to tell us which tastes reminded them of their home, wherever that might be. Their stories served as ingredients for a cookie given to people who are currently arriving in Vienna looking for a new home at an event fostering exchange and new perspectives. These seven stories are the foundation of the Taste of Home collection that is growing ever since.

In the next round Taste of Home became not only a collection but also a series of events offering participation in the project by adding to the collection, and leading to an exchange over cookies that were created of the collected tastes. With time our purpose within the project became clearer. Not only are we eager to collect more and more tastes that remind people of their home, we also want to build a platform dealing with the meaning of home and the topic of belonging. We believe that the kind of exchange that Taste of Home encourages helps us understand each other's fates a little better and offers possibilities to negotiate what home means to us, together.

Ferenc joined us during this last stage to invent a visual language for Taste of Home now and in the future, so that it can speak clearly for itself and inspire others to join.

Taste of Home today is an invitation to be part of something that has the potential to show unexpected connections to each other's experiences. Taste of Home is not only a collection of stories, but also a growing community.



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A joint project of Anna Misovicz (social designer), Angéla Góg (food designer) an
Ferenc Forrai (typographer).

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